Stupid? Or are you just ignorant?


shy-863056_960_720In my lifetime, I could not begin to tell you how many times I have been called “stupid”, “dumb”, or “special” by family, classmates, and co-workers. You may think that after being called these names so many times that I would be used to it. Unfortunately, these words cut like a knife every time they are said. With each word, I feel belittled and humiliated by those who feel they are superior. Eventually, as the words continued to be said on a regular basis, they became a part of my identity. While I believe that we have control over how others’ comments affect us, negative comments do have the power to be hurtful. As these negative comments are reinforced in our mind, we start to believe that the negative comments define who we are.

Yes I know, I have talked about this all before. However, there is a very important issue that…

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