Let there “Not” be silence, to Domestic Violence. ~Shante Lovely~

Shante' Lovely

Speak! Domestic Violence (DV) is an issue that should not be kept in the dark, regardless if you are a victim, or know a victim, Speak! You have to find that inner voice within. The voice that is begging and urging you to take action against your abuser. The voice that is telling you that what you are going through is not love, its not affection, its not RIGHT! DV is an issue that affects not only women, but men, it affects not only men, but children. DV knows no age, race, color, creed, or gender. In order to end DV we must speak on DV. We must “out” the abusers, and push for harsher penalties. We have to stop glorifying DV, in the media,CUT IT OUT! We have to give better support to the ones that are being abused. It takes not one, but all of us to help stop DV…

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2 thoughts on “Let there “Not” be silence, to Domestic Violence. ~Shante Lovely~

  1. 2016 was ruined by an episode of domestic violence in my family that impacted on the lives of so many of us at the time, and continues to affect our everyday existence.
    It must continue to be highlighted, punished accordingly, and never marginalised.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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