Mid-Week Muses: “Guess what we made in hypersleep?”

Aethereal Engineer

Mid-Week MusesA weekly compilation of collected microfictions composed by yours truly. If your time is short, these are shorter!

The cubicles were pitch black without 
power. But she could hear the amorphous 
mass slithering, smell its acrid sweet odor. 
"We're not firemen," Clair said. 
Asil donned her grey hijab. "We've got 
powers! It's time to do something, I'm 
going to help them!" 
"Let it burn!" they chanted. 
Clair touched the slushy sidewalk. "Didn't 
want to do this..." 
An electric jolt scattered the rioters. 
The mayor shouted into his iPhone. "Kids? 
I don't care! They're supers in a riot, 
keep the peace and shoot them!" 
She grunted willing the boulder of 
snow and trash to do her bidding. 
It rolled into the flaming car, and 
Asil collapsed to one knee. 
Beth grinned as Jon exited his stasis tube. He gasped…

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