Dear White People

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Imagine calling for help for your 7-year-old son and ending up in the back of a squad car. That’s what happened to a Fort Worth, Texas, mom when she called the police to seek justice for her son, who had allegedly been choked by an older white man after he littered, The Root reported…

This video is shocking. As a white person, I can’t imagine being treated like this by the police. As the mother of a white son, I can’t imagine a neighbor or stranger trying to choke my son because he littered. I think white people have a lot to learn about how people of color are treated in our society.

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3 thoughts on “Dear White People

  1. This short video should worry anyone who sees it. From the outset, it is obvious from the Policeman’s demeanour that he is not going to take the complaint seriously. Once he starts to criticise the lady for the way she is raising her son, things could only go downhill from there.He points his Taser at a young girl as he wrestles the lady to the floor, then handcuffs the girl too.
    The ultimate irony is the motto painted on his police car, “To Serve with Respect.”
    Best wishes, Pete.

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