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Fracking update…..Hmmmm apparantly the company which has just got the go ahead in North Yorkshire is called ‘Third Energy’ owned by Barclays which was bailed out by Saudi Royals apparantly ( and probably us tax payers before it was sold off to them)

BUT on a positive note Drax power station just outside Selby has completed its switch from coal power to full bio fuel and its actually a british owned company….I think …HUZZAH!!!! shame its wood pellets not pooh pellets …but STILL:):):):)

So it doesnt make sense why ‘Fracking’ is getting the go ahead when the general public doesn’t want it does it?

Oh…and MORE ‘terrorist’ attacks in europe….the assasination of a Russian diplomat by a Turkish ex police officer AND a lorry driven into one of Berlins Christmas markets, killing members of the public and tourists

Hmmm and we’ve been having an update on Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults training…

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