Kallikantzaroi Yule Goblin

ravenhawks' magazine


Magical creatures abound at Yule. If you’ve been naughty (yes, you know who you are) then a good choice for your mascot this Yule is the kallikantzaros, a troublemaking impish goblin-like being in found in Southeastern European folklore. Stories about the kallikantzaros can be found in Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Turkey. Kallikantzaroiare believed to dwell underground but come to the surface only during the twelve days of Christmas, from 25 December to 6 January (from the winter solstice for a fortnight during which time the sun ceases its seasonal movement). Their mischief-making nature puts the kallikantzaroi into Dionysus’ entourage — Dionysus being the resident God of Sex, Wine and a Good Time.

It is believed that kallikantzaroi stay underground sawing the world tree, so that it will collapse, along with earth itself. However, according to folklore, when they are about to saw the final part, Yule dawns and they…

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