Beetley nature with the old camera



All photos can be enlarged by clicking them. They look better when enlarged.

It was finally bright enough this afternoon, so I took my recently exhumed old camera along on the walk with Ollie. Suitably seasonal berries, above.

They have recently been felling trees over on Hoe Rough. Apparently, they were in danger of falling over, after the roots had been eroded by flooding. They have just been left where they fell, and little clearance has been done. You can still see the blue ropes left behind by the workers.

There isn’t a lot of colour about at this time of year, but these bramble leaves are clinging on to the last of their red.

In the darkest recesses of the woodland areas, I found these mushrooms trying to grow through the leaf litter.

As the sun started to set, the ground in front of this tree was draped in…

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