Growing Up

Writer; Advocate

Growing Up–

A nine letter phrase describing the process of maturing, both physically and mentally.

As the new year rolled around so did a very important milestone in my life, my twenty-first birthday. The party scene surely hit me hard in my first week of legality. Hoboken, Atlantic City, local bars… I wanted to experience it all. Though I don’t regret the hard to remember nights and the hangovers that followed, I quickly realized I want to make my twenty-first year about something so much more. It’s time to grow.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m far from perfect, and have a ton of growing up to do. In my twenty-first year I vow to work on my flaws to better myself as a person. This starts with recognizing my responsibility. I must hold myself accountable for each and every action. I won’t blame it on the alcohol…

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