Grubbing around in the mud

Tallis Steelyard


People sometimes comment that I rarely seem to mention my good lady, Shena. This is not entirely true. It has to be said when working I often refer to her, repeatedly, in glowing and affectionate terms. Whilst my patrons are all persons of unchallenged personal integrity, one cannot always say the same thing about their guests. I have noticed over the years that these tend to include within their ranks any number of ladies who feel that nobody misses a slice from a cut loaf. Hence I might occasionally cower behind Shena’s name, using it as a shield to defend me from their attentions.

We rarely work together, after all she does have her own business to run, and by and large it can pay at least as well as mine. Indeed the advantage we have is that it is rare that both businesses go into decline simultaneously. A mud-jobber…

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