Celtic Blood by James John Loftus

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Celtic Blood by James John Loftus

Celtic Blood is set in the year 1210. The great Scottish historical novelist Nigel Tranter inspired Celtic Blood. It traces the actual known early history of clan MacKay, known then as the MacAedhs.  The MacAedhs take their descent from a king of Scots, king Malcolm, known to history as the slayer of MacBeth. Aedh, king Malcolm’s son, the progenitor of the clan is offered the crown once his two older brothers are both dead without issue, they in turn, were king Duncan and king Edmund. Aedh by then a widower has become a priest with no interest in matters of state, thus forfeits his claim. Aedh’s two small sons taken into the care of a distant relative grow to manhood far to the north in the highlands. In time these two boys resent that they are not the royal line and civil war erupts…

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