Big George


This is a work of fiction, a short story of 1300 words.

George had seen better days, he would be the first to admit that. But only to himself, mind. As he knotted his tie, he had a good look at the reflection in the full-length mirror. The sight of the bulge above his trouser waistband made him unconsciously suck his belly in. But overall, he was satisfied. Not bad for fifty-three, he thought.

George had always been called Big George, for as long as he could remember anyway. There were not that many other Georges around back then, but he was deserving of the name, undoubtedly. He stood well over six feet tall in his socks, and cut an imposing figure. Barrel-chested, fists as big as grapefruits, and a no-nonsense stare that had always stood him in good stead. When still in his teens, the local boxing club had…

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