The Sixth Stage of Grief (after TBI)

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Some days you just have to keep swimming

I’ve been dealing with a lot of grief, lately. The work I’ve done for nearly three years has changed dramatically, and with that change, I am losing a key element of my identity which I am realizing has been a big part of who I see myself to be in the world. Not only that, but my (and other coworkers’) impending change of employment, which is becoming self-evidently inevitable with each passing day, is a source of yet more grief, as I contemplate getting on in my life without these people in my life each day. Even the people I don’t much care for and won’t mind never seeing again, have a place in my life, and my life has been shaped by and oriented to them for years, now. So, making a change is hard.

Making any change is hard for…

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3 thoughts on “The Sixth Stage of Grief (after TBI)

  1. Dealing with the grief of others is something that has an unknown impact on those involved. I spent most of my working life having to deal with trauma and death, watching relatives and friends unable to comprehend that their loved one was dead, or had suffered life-changing injuries. Making phone calls to next-of-kin in the early hours, waking them with nothing but bad news. How did this affect me? I will never really know.

    I once watched a documentary about Cook County Hospital, in America. The trauma department doctor made this very accurate statement.
    “I spend my days in the worst fifteen minutes of the lives of those patients I encounter. And I do that four times an hour, every hour that I am at work.” I knew exactly what he meant.

    Best wishes, Pete.

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