An evening out

Tallis Steelyard


Have you noticed that whilst we might have petty thieves, lesser nobility and minor poets, you never get a lesser demonologist? It seems that demonology isn’t so much a path you saunter down as a precipice you plunge off. One moment you’re a moderately respected scholar, the next you’re a stooped and shuffling figure with only a passing grasp of hygiene or even basic cleanliness. Not only that but an increase in knowledge of the eldritch always seems to involve losing the ability to shave. Add this to the usual symptoms one sees in those who spent too much time in the presence of liquid mercury and you have somebody who is more likely to need the services of an exorcist than a poet.

So by and large, these darker mages are people I rarely have professional dealings with. We inhabit entirely different worlds, although frankly I suspect I can…

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