A Few Chuckles to Ease the Stress of the Holidays!


Christmas figures

To help ease the stress of the holidays please enjoy these for some  much needed chuckles. They were sent to me by my friend, Steve.

I found this timely, because today I was in a store that sells sunglasses, and only sunglasses. A young lady walks over to me and asks, “What brings you in today?”

I looked at her, and said, “I’m interested in buying a refrigerator.” She didn’t quite know how to respond.

Am I getting to be that age?
I was thinking about how a status symbol of today is those cell phones that everyone has clipped onto their belt or purse. I can’t afford one. So I’m wearing my garage door opener.
I was thinking about old age and decided that old age is when you still have something on the ball, but you are just too tired to bounce it.
I thought about making a…

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5 thoughts on “A Few Chuckles to Ease the Stress of the Holidays!

  1. I can identify with a lot of those. But rather than ask about refrigerators in a sunglasses shop, I think it would be more amusing to go in and ask, “Do you know where I can by some sunglasses?”
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. There is a big yard Hemel Hempstead that sells tyres. They have about 10 signs, all saying things like ‘TYRES SOLD HERE’, or ‘TYRES TYRES TYRES’. A few years back, when Julie still lived quite close to there, I was very tempted to go in and ask, “Do you sell tyres here, by any chance?” But she stopped me doing it. 🙂

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