Sympathetic Empiricism and the Palatine Lights


“Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, tradition and myth frame our response” – Arthur M. Schlesinger

phantom_ship Don’t worry, be happy. It is only folklore.

How many times, while mucking about in the swamps of strange phenomena, have you heard the dismissive phrase, “its only folklore”?  Whenever I hear that, my vestigial nurturing instinct (I had it surgically removed in the ‘90s), kicks in and I want to ask the speaker if they find the world to be a big, scary place or if their mother loved them.  For example, would you say that “all men are created equal” is fact or fiction?  Rationally and empirically we can demonstrate that this it is a blatant untruth, yet in the context of civilized existence and ostensible democracy, we must behave as if it is so.  We are not indulging in a lie and casting reason aside, so much as we…

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2 thoughts on “Sympathetic Empiricism and the Palatine Lights

  1. A long and interesting article. Personally, I believe that folklore, myth, and legend all serve to enhance our cultures, develop our imaginations, and serve as a counterpoint to the ‘real’ history that we can never be 100% certain about.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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