More Than Not


There is a lot of noise in my head tonight.
I suppose it started with a trickle when I woke up this morning afternoon.
Some days are just like that, you know?

You wake up and life tastes a certain way
before you even comprehend how you feel.
The trickle slowly turned into a stream,
the stream slowly turned into a torrent
and now everything is drowning.

I don’t know when it started,
it’s always been there.
I’ve been told not to focus on time,
but focus on the moment
seize it, live it, and all that jazz.

I can’t.  I never really could.
All I’ve ever seen is time, decay and death.

Everything around me is dying.
Some things slowly, some things quickly.
Me myself, I am dying.
Some days it scares the hell out of me
I am so in tune to time and death that I feel…

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