More Bedroom Action

Who Shot Tony Blair?

In the Prime Minister’s bedroom, King Boris and Nigel Farage were once again going through her drawers. This time, though, they were looking for her hats. The Prime Minister was famed for her elaborate and extensive hat collection, coincidentally acquired very soon after she moved into Number Ten. It was a passion shared by Dr Martens and, oddly, Sir Edd. At Cabinet meetings there were often more hats present than people. But that is beside the point. Boris and Nigel – now very much at home in the private quarters of their gracious host – had emptied every drawer and cupboard before finally finding the hats in the large ottoman at the foot of the bed. There were also some receipts and poems she had written whilst drunk, but they were only really interested in the hats.

“Bloody hell! She’s got an awful lot of hats!” exclaimed Nigel, elbow-deep in…

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