Kent State 1970

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Kent State 

When I was a freshman in Medical School, fortune smiled on me again. One of the freshman students in my dorm and I decided to go to Harvard Square where we heard there was going to be an Viet-Nam antiwar protest.

The demonstration took place one or two days after an Earth Day demonstration on the Boston Common, which we had also attended. You would think we would have better things to do with our time, but our sincere dislike for Richard Nixon and our sense of moral outrage about Viet Nam continued to seem to get the better of us. We wanted to be a part of it all. We just wanted to help.

The scenario at Harvard Square was eerily similar to the one at Duke, except for the fact that it took place at night, and the authorities were extremely well prepared for potential…

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One thought on “Kent State 1970

  1. I well remember watching this on the news in my late teens. Shocking stuff, that we need reminding of.
    I was called a Commie bastard for over half my life.
    Then again, I was.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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