The Modern Woman

Tallis Steelyard


You know it is time to worry about the state of the world when somebody assures you, with considerable vehemence that, “Your trouble, Tallis Steelyard, is that you are not in touch with the Modern Woman.”

Had it been a lady who had been leaning over me in the saloon bar of the Vagabond’s Purse I might have taken it more seriously. But it was a young and somewhat effete young man who was prodding me in the chest and telling me what I did and did not know.

Still it is always wise to ponder whether one is getting a little out of touch. I disregarded his ranting and started to think. In the course of a reasonably long and modestly recompensed career I have had dealings with many of the fairer sex. I have walked and talked with shop girls, Dowagers, women cleaning fish at the market, whores…

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