The Boy in the Jar

Aethereal Engines

Winner of the November 2016 Fantasy Writers Challenge!

boy_3_pngThe boy awoke with a start, and the curved glass of the cylinder distorted the face of the girl pounding upon it. His confused eyes met hers peering through translucent green fluid. Feeling the shock of her fist hitting the container, he watched her scream. But the girl’s words were rendered incomprehensible by the liquid and glass separating them.

He reached out and touched the side of the man-sized jar he floated in. Then the naked boy’s bewildered look shifted to terror as he began to choke, gag and thrash in the chamber.

The girl hadn’t stopped knocking against the glass in her own panic. Catching his attention once more, her vigorous pointing directed him to the twin release valves at the interior bottom of the cylinder. His head bobbed in acknowledgement before he pushed against the container’s sides and inverted his…

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