Oats and Hygge


November is a dark, damp month. Morning skies are inky, sleepy with the orange glow of streetlights. The nights are long and blustery, the last of autumn’s leaves withered to feathers at the road side. Winter breathes its first bitter breaths in November, a warning to all to head inside and prepare for the shortest days of our year. This gloomy month would seem bleak if not on the right side of Christmas. November is given grace in being the first month of colder climes, the charm of our changing seasons can induce appreciation for even the dreariest of weather.

Crackling fires, steaming cups of coffee, cinnamon scents; these pleasures are surely worth the drizzle outside? As the evenings begin to close in I take joy in the small things, I stack piles of unread books by my bedside and wiggle my toes in my socks as I whisk hot…

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