Waiting For Iliya.


Micro fiction #24

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painting by Iliya Repin ,
Margarita waited at the river on the predetermined night … just as she had promised. She brought his faithful dog though she thought, five years passed would surely have switched his allegiance.  Margarita tried not to remember the promises once made for fear of being a fool, she had not spoke of her secret beau or told a living soul why she thwarted all advances. Her parents had not taken kindly to her refusal to commit to suitors presented frequently over the period. Mother couldn’t comprehend why such a rough working hound was loved so dearly, as Margarita had kept him close for many a year.

A fluttering in her tummy and less than calm colouring was thank goodness disguised by the moonlight. Patiently they waited by the waters edge…

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3 thoughts on “ Waiting For Iliya.

  1. A lovely story inspired by the painting. The references were just right, especially the beret.
    And that ‘Russian thing’, of the cap on the back of his head. Well-observed indeed.
    Most enjoyable.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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