Psychic Development: The Basics By Lucy Byatt and Kim Roberts

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Psychic Development: The Basics is a simple and easy-to-use guidebook that uses comic book-style steps to help its readers learn to tap into their intuition. A fun and insightful companion, Psychic Development: The Basics simplifies the process of learning to access those abilities through illustrations and guidance that throws wit and wisdom in to the mix, putting readers at ease in a place which for some, may be daunting.

We are born with psychic abilities and as infants and children, those abilities are in their most raw and natural state. But as we grow and become adults, those skills and abilities, unless they have been nurtured, may become dampened down or dormant. Society’s norms and conventions do not support the growth of such natural abilities as intuition, so when we are old enough and are no longer “fighting” with our inner truth, we must find our way to access those…

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