Log House Holidays: Eco-friendly luxury lakeside in the Cotswolds

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Log House Holidays: Eco-friendly luxury lakeside in the Cotswolds

The UK’s Cotswolds-based Log House Holidays have recreated the warmth and comfort of log cabins within a picturesque, secluded setting that is likely to be on the holiday watch list of everyone from eco conscious holidaymakers, families, groups and honeymooners.

This eco-friendly, family friendly, pet-friendly holiday spot is set within a family run 130 acre nature reserve in the Cotswold’s, boasting a tranquil lake as its elemental centerpiece. Log House Holidays was set up to provide self-catering accommodation that offers a unique venue where both “conservation and totally secluded holidays would exist in harmony”.
Log House Holidays: Eco-friendly luxury lakeside in the Cotswolds
Set around the lake are eight eco-friendly log houses, each in their own secluded spot, offering a hot tub, rowing boat and unrivaled views of the centerpiece that is the lake. Privacy is the name of the game here where you can enjoy a stay with family, friends or your significant other whilst embracing the local…

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2 thoughts on “Log House Holidays: Eco-friendly luxury lakeside in the Cotswolds

  1. OK, it’s mainly just an advert for a holiday company, but I cannot deny the appeal of the area. The Cotswolds is a magical place; Old England alive and well in the 21st century. Just a shame that so many of us go there, and clog up those lovely villages with tourists. And now there will be even more, staying in luxurious lakeside log cabins…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Hahaha oh Pete, what are you like?
    Us ‘townies’ need to get out into the fresh air sometimes as well and it brings a lot of money and jobs to rural areas that are suffering because of lost income (well that’s what we are told).
    They need to ensure that these places are not ‘swamped’ with tourists, so restrictions on the amount of visitors at any one time I think would be a good idea. Maybe a main car park just outside the villages for visitors to keep the traffic in the village down (maybe a bus running between the car park and village if it’s a fair walk?.
    Information to tourists about having respect for the area and the local people they are visiting would be an idea as well, rather than treat them like country bumpkins or servants (which I have seen happen) or trashing somewhere with litter and portable mini barbecues!
    I have always lived in a city, but any holiday I can afford, I head out to the countryside. If I could afford to live there I would. I have a little dream of owing a cottage or small farmhouse with a small pear orchard making a couple of bottles of Perry or Pear liqueur each year (I used to make my own wine when I was younger).
    I hate the beach (you can never be sure what’s under the sand) and all night bars, discos and fast food places that seem to come with it.
    I want to see trees, hear birds sing, see the stars in the sky properly, not through a fog of florescent lights. A nice sunset or sunrise where I don’t see any concrete. Smell the aroma of fir trees and see the wild flowers and even ‘weeds’ I love those tall Thistles, such a beautiful blue/purple colour.
    Read a book as I sit outside in the quiet wrapped up in a fleece with a mug of hot tea.


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