Stepping into the mud with the barefoot economist, Max-Neef

Road To Somewhere Else


 Manfred Max Neef sits at a table near a notebook computer. On the wall behind him is a slide from a presentation.

By Daniel Margrain
The media’s trumping (excuse the pun) of economic growth over environmental concerns exemplified by their lack of any critique of the latter following yesterday’s (November 23) Autumn Statement announcement by chancellor, Philip Hammond, is a familiar, if rather depressing, narrative. The news from the government’s Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) that growth forecasts for 2017 as a percentage of GDP are projected to fall by 0.8 per cent, largely due to Brexit-related affects, was perhaps expected.
But what is rarely questioned by the media are the consequences this prioritizing of growth as a central plank of the governments economic strategy has for the medium to long term sustainability of the planets ecosystems upon which the well-being, and even survival, of humanity depends.
The Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas raised her concern in the House of Commons that neither Hammond in his Autumn Statement – or…

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2 thoughts on “Stepping into the mud with the barefoot economist, Max-Neef

  1. No you’re right, they probably won’t because all they have in their heads is ‘growth’. You can’t sustain that indefinitely. Unfortunately there’ll be a reckoning when the bubble bursts.


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