LIVE Footage Attack at Standing Rock – 21/11/16

Maria Wind Talker

Warning, upsetting footage. – 21/11/2016

From what I can gather from the live feeds that I follow, is that the protectors tried to to remove the burnt out cars that DAPL had created a road block with.  Also, the police claimed that the protectors had lit fires to stay warm and they were putting them out with the water cannons!

People were maced, tazed, water bombed in freezing temperatures, shot with rubber bullets, bean bag bullets and percussion grenades.

I stayed up till 2.30am watching the live feeds, praying for it to end quickly and no one get killed.

Please all share this info with the world, there is still a massive media blackout, take your money out of the banks that are funding the pipeline and send prayers to our brothers and sisters out on the front lines.

This one is particularly harrowing folks. Live feed on FB.


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