The Crying Forest

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The Crying Forest exhibition puts Amazon deforestation under the spotlight

The Crying Forest

French street artist and photographer Philippe Echaroux is bringing to light the impact of deforestation on the Amazonian Paiter Surui tribe.

The Crying Forest

In a project, entitled ‘The Crying Forest’, Philippe  Echaroux captured portraits of the indigenous tribe of western Brazil and projected them on to trees in their native land.
The Crying Forest
Photographs from ‘The Crying Forest’ are currently on display at the Galerie Taglialatella in Paris, until 15 December.

Philippe Echaroux visited the Paiter Surui tribe earlier this year, where he photographed the indigenous natives for his project. The artist and photographer then created an installation by enlarging and projecting the images over Amazonian trees in the Surui area.

The Crying Forest

The Paiter Surui tribe currently numbers around 1,300 people. Through his art, Echaroux is raising awareness of the dangers of deforestation and the impact on the tribe and their lives.

Almir Narayamoga Surui, the…

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