Thank You Very Much


Just been told that I have reached 501 followers on my WordPress Blog!!

Gobsmacked! Is the word I would use. I can’t believe it! Just wanted to say a big –


I have been blogging for just over 16 months and I have found a wealth of funny, talented, artistic, clever and really kind people through this website and beyond. It’s a very supportive bunch of people and I have really enjoyed the chats, the jokes and the tears as well.

As most of you will know I am a serial re-blogger, as I love to pass on great posts or sites that I have come across to other people so they can enjoy them too. I hope that you have enjoyed the postings and if you’re feeling giddy, you can always type in ‘Kate McClelland’ in the search box on my blog and it will bring up stuff that I have actually written myself (Who knew? I know, it’s crazy!). If you find something you like, pop a comment in, I’d love to read them.  If you find something you don’t like, then don’t tell me……..

– I’d like to carry on living in the State of Denial, it’s lovely here! :0)

I can’t thank everyone enough for making me feel so welcomed.

Thanks again Blogdom!

Kate xxx


picture from Pixabay



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