Amazon’s Even Newer Reviewing Rules Will Book Reviews Be Affected?



WARNING: have updated their review guidelines…Again!  Along with the already restrictive guidelines I have discussed previously in this article – Amazon’s New Reviewing Rules – Could it Affect Authors in the Future?  But now they’ve updated these guidelines yet again by adding additional rules near the bottom.  These rules are on amazon US, the UK and other sites may or may not adopt these rules in full but in my experience almost all rules are adopted given a bit of time.

The new rules can be read here but here are the new points and be warned if you are an amazon reviewer:

  • If your review is removed or rejected because it does not comply with our guidelines concerning promotional content, you may not resubmit a review on the same product, even if the resubmitted review includes different content.
  • Reviews may only include URLs or links to other products…

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2 thoughts on “Amazon’s Even Newer Reviewing Rules Will Book Reviews Be Affected?

  1. I am an Amazon reviewer, also a member of ‘Vine Voice’, where we are given goods free (by Amazon), in exchange for an unbiased review..This is my current ‘rank’, as of this morning.
    Top Reviewer Ranking: 3,152
    Helpful Votes: 840
    I am aware of the recent changes, but can offer this observation, which is especially pertinent regarding book reviews. For a long time now, Amazon has been sent many very good reviews of books, submitted by friends and family of the authors, as well as by staff at publishing houses, and ‘Professional’ reviewing companies, employed by authors, or their agents. For the customer, this does not constitute fair practice, as an average or poor book will be made to appear very desirable.
    It was a transparent reviewing ‘bubble’, and was always going to burst eventually.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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