#Weekend Coffee Share: My birthday and Other News…

M J Mallon YA Author and Poet

20161113_134358Welcome to Kyrosmagica,

Pull up a cosy chair and get comfortable –  I have so much to tell you. It has been quite a week of colourful excitement, fun and frolics.  It’s been my birthday week so let me suggest a mug of hot chocolate topped with chocolate drizzled marshmallows…. Why not? Or if you fancy a Martini Espresso do join me in a moment…

In the meantime what about a journey back  in time in my special phone booth… I am getting older by the minute… on the bright side I’m not as ancient as these dinosaurs


We have a tradition in my family – my mum and dad decided that birthdays should last longer than a day. So when it’s anyone’s birthday we celebrate for a whole darn week! Not just a single day, we like to make it last, and last and last, …. ad infinitum.

So my fun week started off last Sunday with…

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2 thoughts on “#Weekend Coffee Share: My birthday and Other News…

  1. This really resonated with me. Until I moved to Norfolk, I lived only ten minutes away from Camden Market, and also walked along the Grand Union Canal (it’s not a river) there, as well as eating in the market sometimes, and enjoying mint tea in the late-night Arabic cafe. I lived even nearer to the Feng Shang Princess floating Chinese retaurant, and it was our place to eat for ‘special’ occasions’, as it is very expensive, but has great food, and a classy atmosphere. I also enjoyed Beef Rendang in the restaurant that used to be in Inverness Street, close to the market.
    But there’s more! I used to also have a ‘Birthday Week’! I wrote about that here.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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