A Scifi Short Story

Have We Had Help?


If reading this tale of mine written years ago sounds vaguely familiar to readers of my books, it should do. Out of it came my scifi novella The Guardian with different characters and some of this story’s ideas as its basis.


Beta 1

While the world may from time to time experience a few relatively peaceful decades, sooner or later greed, corruption and hatred coalesce into a weapon of frightening proportions when one power hungry madman emerges, conveniently forgetting the lessons of the past.

Here on Mars it is now year thirty, or two thousand, two hundred and twenty for those still living on Earth, if you can call their existence living. Since the universal age law was passed by Earth Corp in 2190, forced transportation of all over the age of sixty began.

Anyone, regardless of their standing in the community or their occupation, was automatically rounded up…

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