What Tony Would Have Wanted

Who Shot Tony Blair?

There was a degree of irony in the fact that the emergency Cabinet meeting called by the Prime Minister was very much like the wake of somebody no one really liked. Half the Cabinet didn’t even know why they were there, as details of Blair’s demise had not been widely advertised among the party guests. This meant that Foreign Secretary Harry Cobeans continued to plough through his repertoire of increasingly unsavoury sea-shanties to a somewhat mixed response. He was halfway through a rousing ditty about a fishmonger’s daughter, when Wing Commander Tom decided that he could stand no more and called the room to order.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” began Tom, once a degree of calm had descended. “Tonight, we face the first real crisis we have seen as a Government.”

“Hang on, we’ve nearly been to war with Oxford,” pointed out Home Secretary Vicky Kirby. “I’d say that was…

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