Procrastination: The Terrible Giant

Stay Strong, Daily Warrior!

I turned my laptop on to post on my blog.

Google page came on the screen. I spent a few minutes quite amused with the Halloween game they had. I got up to level 3, I think.

qI was supposed to do something, right? What was it again? Let me open this link and that link. Ooohhh, what a cute picture! 

I’m starting to get hungry. I should check this restaurant’s website. I heard they have good food there.

I wonder what my friend is up to right now? I better send her a message.

Oh! Where did the time go?

Did I forget something?

Oh, right. The post.

A big, terrible giant
I will overcome.

Anyone dealing with short attention span and perfectionism, raise your hand! There’s a lot of us out there.

It could be so easy to stir away from our tasks with so many things…

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