Mice and Other More Legitimately Scary Animals That I Am Afraid Of.

I’m with you on the ‘clown’ thing

Some Words That Say What I Think

As a young child, I was not afraid of many animals.

I think this was because my perception of animals was built mainly through watching Disney films such as The Lion King.

The animal characters in Disney films are complex and emotionally developed beings with highly anthropomorphic mind sets.


A major shift in the way that I perceived animals occurred when I witnessed lion feeding time at a safari park.

Before this, my greatest insight into the brutality of nature came when I watched two ducks quack viciously at each other as they fought over a piece of bread in my local park.

I gradually came to realise that the primary concerns of animals in reality are much more visceral than those of their animated counterparts.


Watching nature documentaries such as David Attenborough’s Planet Earth has provided me with a slightly more realistic portrayal of animals.

David has taught me two main…

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One thought on “Mice and Other More Legitimately Scary Animals That I Am Afraid Of.

  1. Very amusing, and great cartoons.
    I get edgy around cows. (There are quite a lot in Norfolk)
    Did you know they kill more people every year in the UK than any other native animal?
    I don’t quite have ‘Bivonophobia’, but I try to avoid close contact with them! Dog walkers are one of their favourite targets…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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