Like a bridge… 

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

I find myself here again a place where the darkness it finds me, relentless, chasing me everywhere I go. I try so dearly yet it feeds me,keeps me warm then burns me just enough to make me afraid of what I face everyday. The loneliness of this life. Forever empty in just one spot. Always giving,asking “what I think is so little for what I offer.”Yet a fool I was born and fool i’ll die it seems. Young at heart you might say always hungry to live another day.

I’ve tried to grow actively everyday focusing on the big and small things of my souls defects. Giving birth to a new me each day. So wicked are these transitions that we hide in daylight with Whispers like a song left unwritten…. This heart and mind knows your soul. Sees your inner fear and rage. Shear white light rage of how…

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