WW1 2

A fine figure of a man

It was said of him that

He could melt

Cami knicker elastic

At a hundred paces

The world was his oyster


Young and also of a

Certain age

Flung themselves at

His feet

He had few qualms

Be it the ripest fruit or

A little past its sell by

Any and all

Made for fine snack

Sometimes a

Gourmet meal


Those lothario impulses

He knew the delicacy of


Even had a sweetheart

Rose by name

Adored her

She him

His late mother’s wedding ring

Would soon grace her finger

If he played his cards right

Then one day

28th June 1914

The fragility of life

Reared its ugly head

In a place far removed


An assassination

Black Hand folly

In hindsight

An Archduke

Heir to a throne

Shot through the neck

Shortly thereafter

All hell broke loose

Our man

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