Pumpkin Decorating and Carving

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Pumpkin Decorating and Carving a Samhain Activity

Pumpkin Decorating and Carving

Pumpkins in the form of jack-o-lanterns play a huge part in our Samhain Activity. Pumpkin carving goes back to the Druids and Celts.

Throughout Ireland, England and Scotland, people began making lanterns by carving scary faces into turnips or beets, placed in windows or near doors to frighten away wandering spirits, like Sneaky Jack.  Immigrants from these countries brought the tradition to America where they found the pumpkin, a fruit native to America, made the perfect Jack-o-Lanterns.  As you can see carving scary faces on pumpkins, and other things has been a Samhain Activity for a long time.

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