Meanwhile, In Oxford…

Hahahaah wonderful stuff :0)

Who Shot Tony Blair?

“Another drink, Sir?”

Boris, King of Oxford didn’t look like he needed another drink. He reclined in awkward repose upon a blue velvet 18th century chaise longue, resplendent in a silk Japanese robe and little else. Except for the crown, of course. One must not forget the crown. Boris never did. He turned his head towards the very nice man who was offering him another drink.

“A humble measure would suit me decorously, old bean!” Boris replied, with some enthusiasm.

His obliging companion was his permanently irritated butler, Snetterton. I say his butler – Snetterton had buttled at Blenheim Palace for over thirty years before King Boris had declared his sovereignty and booted out the Duke of Marlborough, claiming the estate as his own.

“And what form will the humble measure take this time, Sir?”

“Oh. Well – what was the last one?”

“The last one was a creme de…

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