A cautionary tale

Have We Had Help?


The following is a true story from my younger days


After getting my car license aged twenty-two, I bought my first car – a secondhand bright red 1966 Morris Mini, 850cc. I already had my motorbike licence. But I needed a car for when the weather was inclement. Plus back then the parents of any potential girlfriend regarded any young bloke turning up on a motorbike to take their daughter out, as trouble. At about the same time I also sat for and got my firearms licence.

Before I move on, I should say that I had received excellent firearms training during my military service. But as you will see, despite that training, in this particular instance stupidity ruled.

My first recreational firearm in civilian life was a French Gevarm .22 calibre, semi-automatic rifle, perfect for shooting rabbits, hares, and especially possums.hqdefault Because of the silencer fitted to its…

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