Unexpected Mishaps


So much has been going wrong lately that I feel the need to toss a little cuteness and humor onto the path in front of me 😊

gabby-6-23-12“What has been going wrong,” you ask? Well . . .

savannah-3-31-09 Having a good many blogs that I follow disappear from my WordPress reader. Pleeeeeeezee give them back to me!

gabby-2-11-21-11 Being tossed into WordPress spam, along with oodles of my fellow bloggers. At least I had company there, but I did feel a bit slimed 😊

brea-11-11-13 Being thrown into Facebook Jail for “Liking” too many pages too fast. Geez, FB! Why do you care?

gabby-11-7-15Having a friend commit me to a social event that I neither wanted to attend nor could gracefully decline. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the guy hired as part of the entertainment hadn’t mooned the room with a piece of toilet paper hanging from his behind. Was…

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