…Guest Blogger, m’Lady, Kathleen Boyle… a peripatetic purveyor of poetry and prose…

Seumas Gallacher

…it never ceases to amaze this ol’ Scots Jurassic scribbler that so many of our Author sisters and brothers have travelled almost every square inch of this planet, while others perceive the universe in their own wunnerful ways from their living rooms or virtual candlelit garrets… one of our peripatetic patrollers is today’s Guest Blogger, Kathleen Boyle, whose journeys have traversed some of my own global meanderings… here’s Kathleen:



Kathleen Boyle nee Dodd, was born in Liverpool, where she spent her childhood years before leaving to train as a teacher in Hull in 1972.  Kathleen has worked as a teacher in Hull, Leeds and Carlisle and international schools in Columbia, Bahrain, Cairo and Vietnam.

She has written stories and poems throughout her life, publishing a collection of poems about growing up in 1950s Liverpool entitled, ‘Sugar Butties and Mersey Memoirs’, as well as a collection…

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