Apple Ducking or Duck-Apple

Ahhh Thanks so much for this! We did this every year, but our parents stuck coins in the apples. We also used to have apples strung across the room on a string and try to catch the apples by biting them.

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Apple Ducking, Duck-Apple, Apple Bobbing

Apple Ducking or Duck-Apple

Samhain/Halloween Activity that we are all familiar with is bobbing for apples. However in Scotland, this may be called “dooking” (i.e., ducking)”Dooking for Apples”. In northern England, the game is often called apple ducking or duck-apple.

This game involved attempting to grab an apple from a wooden tub filled with water and apples the water was traditionally stirred with a wooden spoon to keep the apples moving.  Using only your mouth you attempted to bite or grab an apple the first young lady to grab an apple would be the first to be married. In some case the name of eligible young men was carved on the apple.

The divination practiced at Samhain were chiefly used to discover who would marry, who one’s partner was going to be, and who was going to die over the course of the next year.

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