Trumpet’s Challenge, Part II

Postcard from a Pigeon

Part 2 of a Dickensian style trilogy, The Rise and Fall of Donald Trumpet Esq.


Five generations of Thomas Wellspring’s family grew up on the shoreline of Failsafe . Wellsprings were fishermen, sailors and, for the last three generations since his grandfather, Benjamin, started his business, fishmongers. Indeed, until recent years, Wellspring’s Fishmongers and adjoining Cafe were not only the leading fish merchant in the town, they were the measure of all that was good, fresh and fishy in Failsafe.

‘Times change,’ his father said to him and to hear him say that, he who was once so proud of the family’s standing, took the wind from his sails and left him languish in doldrums, until, of course, his ageing grandfather, puffing furiously on his cob pipe, spluttered, ‘Bilge Water,’ before doubling over at the dinner table with a fit of coughing and then, recovering after a thirsty…

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