…say hello to my Poet and Author friend, Kevin Cowdall…

Seumas Gallacher

…writing, and writers, come in many guises, and one discipline which I admire greatly is that of excellent Poets… one such bard steps up now with a Guest Blog for yeez to enjoy… for other Authors, note the same route most of us have experienced— Rejection Slip Highway, the road to ultimate perseverance and success!…
…here’s Kevin to tell yeez all about it :
I started writing my first novel, a children’s story set in Canada, The Dinsdale Fox, when I was about 16 or 17 – I must have the nicest set of rejection slips; I even had publishers pass the manuscript on to other publishers they thought might be more responsive, but I was getting nowhere fast and grew quite disillusioned, so I decided to concentrate on writing poetry. 
Like most early efforts, much of what I wrote to begin with was fairly appalling “Moon…

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