What makes life worthwhile?

The Writer and The Story

“I’m always trying to write about the most important things that people do. The places in their lives where they feel the greatest stress, the places where they feel the greatest passion and how they deal with those things and how they survive them and make their lives go on. Being in love with somebody is one of those things. It causes huge schisms in life, it causes huge passions, huge pleasures. It can wreck your life or not.” ~ Richard Ford

Write the story!


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2 thoughts on “What makes life worthwhile?

  1. In case Alicia Anabel Santos is monitoring comments here — FYI: I tried to visit and like, but the page isn’t displaying correctly, nor are the parts I am able to see “working.” Nothing happens when I click – I even rebooted my browser and reloaded the site to see if the problem was on my end. The WordPress Gremlins are probably at it again.

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