When the words in a dream are loud

The Writer and The Story

“So much of what we do in those hours when we’re actually making sentences, inventing characters and feeling our way through the threads of a plot, is hunch and feel-half unconscious and somewhat autohypnotic. Those rituals of getting ready to write seem to conduce a kind of trance state. …I am a poet of awareness if there ever was one. That’s why it impresses me how much even such a writer as myself-even such a writer as Henry James, who was the most aware and self-conscious of our classical American writers-works by hunch, feel, intuition and by following what might as well be called a kind of dream pattern. Borges, the great Argentine writer, said that it is written in the Kabbalah that when the words in a dream are loud and distinct and seem to come from no particular source, these words are from God.” ~ John Barth

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