acquired brain injury means….

at least i have a brain

i had never really HEARD of an ABI.

an acquired head injury.

Its what you can “acquire” without having a trauma like a car crash.

So it’s NOT necessarily a dramatic thing.

An Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) is brain damage caused by events after birth and can result in cognitive, physical, emotional, or behavioural impairments leading to permanent or temporary changes in functioning.

Acquired brain injury covers :

  • removal of tumour
  • meningitis
  • stroke
  • hydocephallus
  • hemorrhage
  • encephalitis
  • and many more. Am not a specialist.

ALL new to me – even after leaving hospital.

BUT i have since discovered the similarities in some of the residual effects.

and i have to say i am not for a second equating ME with someone i a very serious situation. They do not compare. I am not in ANY WAY minimising ANY situation. Am talking only about mine.

my  shock was to find out the…

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