The Tall House (Short Story)

Little Lord Oscar Dandelion Books


(Horror, psychological – 16+)


“I expect you’ll be wanting a basement?” The architect asked.

“Not ‘a’ basement – a double basementand make it another four floors on top.” Mr Dier said.

“Six levels? Why that would be very expensive. And a good deal of work.”

Mr Dier slapped the chewing gum loudly in his open mouth. This was a habit that was seemingly worse than the cigarette smoking from before – or so his ex-wife number three had said. “Expensive? No, Mr Stein, not for me. Money is no object.”

“I’ll have some plans drawn up for you by next week then.”

“Don’t you mean tomorrow, Mr Stein?”

“I’m afraid that tomorrow wouldn’t give me enough time. I’ve appointments and work already booked…”

“Well, I’m afraid that I’ll have to go elsewhere, then.” Mr Dier slapped the gum loudly and turned for the door, his…

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