Ghost Story with Shehanne Moore

Angela Scavone

Happy Day Before Halloween!!!

One more sleep until the big day! I hope you all have great plans for tomorrow but in the meantime Shehanne is here to tell us about the ghost she lived with for many years…she is braver than I am, that is for sure 🙂


“I know what you think you heard and felt but I swear to you, nobody’s there.”

Sitting there that autumn evening, I couldn’t have been more truthful. Nobody was there. If I’d said to my twelve year old daughter nothing’s there, now I’d have been lying. Something was. And that something was pacing back and forward across her attic bedroom floor, inches from my own toes as I sat on her bed. That something was the house ghost. The presence we’d at that point shared our house with for over that twelve years.

Are you sitting comfortably? Or is your…

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6 thoughts on “Ghost Story with Shehanne Moore

  1. No, I’d be quite interested. Had a few spooky encounters myself over the years. :0) I go by the atmosphere when I walk into a house. You can tell when you walk in if the house (not the people) are welcoming.

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