Meet Guest Author Kendra Namednil…

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SAM 02Hi!  I’m Kendra Namednil, and I’d love to tell you all about Borehole Bazaar, which is a book I’ve written.  Trick is, I’ve already described the book to an exhaustive degree in a great number of other places (Goodreads, InkShares, Facebook, etc.).

So today, I’m going to offer something different.  For the sake of confidentiality and because I am not about to drag anyone, in any way, through the mud, I’m leaving a whole lot of details vague.  If you guess things based on these details, you are incorrect, even if you’re right.

Borehole Bazaar is, thematically, about abuse.  The following are the reasons I personally chose to write about the topic, followed by some of my literary inspirations.

About three, maybe four years ago, I started to have a meltdown.  It was a long time coming, and it manifested in swift mood swings at work as what I…

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